Creaks In The Floor

by Fine, Fine

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Recorded and mixed in Winter and Spring of 2014 by Andrew Russell at Kiwanda Sound Studios and Developing Nations in Baltimore, Maryland. Produced by Andrew Russell and Fine, Fine. Mastered by Matt Thomas.


released June 9, 2014

Nate White - Guitar, vocals
Will Green - Drums, vocals
David Gill - Guitar, bass



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Fine, Fine Baltimore, Maryland

Fine, Fine is.

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Track Name: Heirloom
You never thought you'd be
one of the skeletons
that you grew up meeting
and tried forgetting
swept under the rug
and ignored their cries
like the creaks in the floor

but then
you could wake up humming
now it's a challenge
to keep your hands still
now it breaks your heart to see
the paints been peeling

no matter where you run to
you'll always find yourself
back in the family ballroom
the only music you hear
are the creaks in the floor
Track Name: Still Something
My impulse to share
a half-assed
smile with a stranger
and I'm too
to notice if it's returned

because I guess it' still something
to be nobody's nothing
transparency pokes through
my tone when I tell you
"everything's great"

dizziness finds it's way back
it'll kick my weight around
and continue to stumble my words
when I'm too lost in a thought
so I'm always getting asked
"what the hell are you talking about?"
it's really nothing

I'm content with my head
left in the clouds
I found it disappointing
when I'm coming down
so don't you go
feeling so
sorry for me

I guess it's still something
to be nobody's nothing
it's still going to poke through
my tone when I tell you
"everything's great"
Track Name: Modern Living in Absence
As the fault lines calm to a quiet hum
as the weakness in my knees is gone
there's urge to part
from this derelict church on a hill

I learned a lot about the ground I'm standing on
after I learned how to remove myself from it

so the city's glare had blanketed
spilling warmth in the busy winds
but it hasn't compared
to waking up
in a thriving bloom

those beautiful days
we watched gold decay (and it's gone)
faded behind a draped overcast
curtains fell
wiped the dirt from my skin
and I played myself off

and I just thought I'd let you know
how I hate to see it gone

I can still turn in my sleep
and I just hate to see you've gone
Track Name: Ma Copine
The sun's not coming up
and I'm not coming around
and I'm not getting up
but I've been waiting around

the sun's not coming up
at least I think
I can keep myself warm